Stas Art

The stuff, work and art of Stanislaw Jan Krakiewicz. Stas for short

The work and art of Stas Krakiewicz. Stas is a contemporary painter and game artist who is senior lecturer at De Montfort University in Leicester. This site will hold some of the art works he has produced over a 20 year period.

3D Modelling

Nov, 04 · in Digital

Concept Art

Nov, 04 · in Digital

Portraits 2004-2007

People I know, I knew and those I met fleetingly.

Jul, 01 · in Painting

House and Boats (2004-2007)

Places were people live and paintings to hang above your fireplace. Landscapes with one focal element, all others removed.

Jun, 29 · in Painting

Anna’s Toy Spys

Large Scale Artwork comprising of 50 individual paintings, grouped in collections of five. Works based on Anna’s Toys. Acrylic on MDF all works 6 by 4 inches (2000)

Jul, 30

Sim World 2009

With the influence of games being so understandable, the houses have been removed and all that is left is the gruesome truth. In a Sim World.

Jul, 01

Observation 2004-2007

The joy of seeing for the first time. For my daughter Anna.

Jul, 01

Figurative Work 1994-1996 (ish)

The figurative works were the first major works after gaining my BA in Fine Art. Majority of work are Oil on Canvas.Majority of work are Oil on Canvas. There are more examples of this body […]

Jun, 30

Abstracts 2001(ish)

Looking at the vague memory of places and situations.

Jun, 30

The Darker Paintings (1997 ish)

When I was lost and looking for my next artistic statement.

Jun, 29

Small Abstract 2006

Jun, 28

Small Abstracts 2001

Jun, 28

Watercolours 2002-2004

Watercolours produced almost ten years ago. These were produced as trying to make the process none traditional while teaching water colours as a part time job.

Jun, 28